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New issue of Business Barometer for September 2017

New issue of Business Barometer for September 2017

Dostupno novo izdanje Biznis barometra za septembar 2017. godine

Business Barometer represents an analysis of subjective opinions of entrepreneurs on current and future state of the economy, which helps to determine a pattern of economic changes and create a framework for forecasting and directing economic activities in the future.

When analysed by individual sectors, a positive current business climate and expectations of future business are observed in Manufacturing, Construction, Wholesale and retail, repairs of motor vehicles and motorcycles and Professional, scientific, innovative and technical activities. Furthermore, the most positive current business climate, as well as the most optimistic evaluation of the next six-month business activities are recorded at the sector of Professional, scientific, innovative and technical activities (100.0 and 53.3, respectively). The only negative evaluation of the overall business is recorded at the level of the Agriculture, forestry and fishery sector, regarding the expectations of the surveyed enterpreneurs for the following six-month period (the BBV coefficient -13.5).


Observed at the aggregate level, the surveyed entrepreneurs in the AP Vojvodina expect positive business results in the next six-month period, based on their attitude that positive business activities with foreign clients will be established, the selling prices of their products and services will increase, and that in the following year there will be a growth in the number of employed persons at the level of their enterprises.


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