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- Estimate growth rates for Vojvodina

Due to the lack of statistical data for the AP Vojvodina, CESS has calculated on the basis of the available data the estimate growth of the gross value added for Vojvodina, in cooperation with the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies WIIW. Gross value added measures the share in the overall economy of each individual producer, industry, or sector in the country. As such, it is used for estimating the GDP. Monitoring of the most significant macroeconomic aggregates and their mathematical presentation is important both at the level of the Republic of Serbia and on the level of its regions.


RESEARCH OUTSOURCING - 8 research papers
Research Outsourcing is a project of Vojvodina-CESS implemented in cooperation with the Austrian Development Agency, within the trategic partnership in support of the Integrated Regional Development Plan of the AP Vojvodina. The project aims to strengthen the institutional capacity of CESS and to connect it with the research community, both with individuals and teams. In this way the research practice is supported and a network of cooperative institutions developed. The project resulted in 8 research papers approved: 3 by individual researchers and 5 by research teams. Topics covered major aspects of regional development and contained recommendations for decision makers in the Province in the field of regional and economic development. The approved projects were submitted by teams and researchers from the country and abroad (Montenegro, Croatia, Greece, Poland). All Research Outsourcing papers are available in English:



ICT usage in small and medium enterprises in the AP Vojvodina

Assessment of external costs associated with air pollution from the production and usage of biodiesel in Vojvodina
Vojvodina and EU regions – Structural Analysis Concerning Age, Gender and Education and Comparison of Labour Markets, Labour Migration and Policy Measures
The structural characteristics and potentials of human resource development regarding to EU accession in the north region of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina
Perspectives for agriculture of Vojvodina in the light of scenarios and models elaborated in the framework of the research projects of the European Union
Serbia's Integration with the EU - Analysis of the Impact on Vojvodina
Economic Crisis and Living Standard in Vojvodina
The Labour Market in Vojvodina: A Boost or a Barrier to Competitiveness?  

Competitivess of Economy of Vojvodina
The Study encompasses analysis of investments, foreign trade, demography, agriculture, energy, economic entities and survey on competitiveness factors. It also includes review of the existing legal framework for creating and implementing measures of socio-economic development as well as recommendations for investing in propulsive sectors and measures for improving competitiveness of AP Vojvodina.





01 Investments.pdf
02 Foreign Trade.pdf
03 Demography.pdf
04 Agriculture.pdf
05 Energy.pdf
06 Economic entities.pdf
07 Survey.pdf
08 Legal framework.pdf
09 Findings and recommendations.pdf


By the Decision of Assembly of AP Vojvodina, implementation period of the only mid-term sectoral plan in Serbia, "Integrated Regional Development Plan of AP Vojvodina" (IRDP APV), was extended until 2012. In this CESS publication read about the impact of IRDP APV and its 14 measures on the competitiveness of the province and find out in which stage of economic development is Vojvodina positioned.





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In the brochure "Vojvodina in brief" you can find data regarding the basic macroeconomic indicators in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Also, brochure gives you the review of data on population and geographic location of Autonomous Province of  Vojvodina.





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In the publication "Conference - Regional Development in European Context" read about the conference organized in October 2008 within the project "Strategic Partnership in Support of the Integrated Regional Development Plan of AP Vojvodina".






In the brochure "Integrated Regional Development Plan of AP Vojvodina - Overview of Implementation of the Priority Measures of the Integrated Regional Development Plan" you can find overview of activities and results of 14 measures that have been achieved so far within the only mid-term multisectoral development plan in Serbia.






The Study "Updated ex-post analyses of the Integrated Regional Development Plan of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina" (hereon IRDP APV), which had been requested by the Executive Council of AP Vojvodina, was adopted by the Assembly of AP Vojvodina in March 2007 and it represents a strategic mid-term plan that defines the development priorities of the region. The Study contains the ex-post analyses of the economy of Vojvodina which aim is to explore the development directions of Vojvodina, its problems and restrains and the establishment of the sustainability of the IRDP APV within the changed socio-economic conditions and also the explicit mid-term evaluation of the effects of the implementation of 14 priority programmes defined by the IRDP APV (2004-2007). IRDP APV - ANNEX