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About project


The Sector for Project Management follows all currently open calls within the EU programmes and funds available for entities from the territory of the AP Vojvodina and Serbia. It also performsall activities related to identifying and drafting specific project proposals and to implementing approved projects.

The Sector for Project Management provides support to secretariats of the Government of AP Vojvodina, the University of Novi Sad, local self-governments, chambers of commerce, in selecting appropriate calls, funds or programmes and in creating project proposals in order for them to most efficiently use the existing project funding possibilities.

Submitting a project proposal within an open call and fulfilling all criteria of a successful project application is only the first step. A successful preparation of a project proposal may result in approved financing by the European Commission, followed by a more complex stage - the project implementation. If an organization does not have sufficient human and technical resources to implement a project on its own, the Sector for Project Management provides support in this segment, as well.

Through the activities of the Sector for Project Management, ARD strives to enhance the absorption capacities in using EU pre-accession funds and to contribute to strengthening the cross-border cooperation with the neighboring countries.