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On June 20, 2013 in Novi Sad, Agency for Regional Development of AP Vojvodina Ltd. Novi Sad (hereinafter ARD) was established by the Articles of Incorporation of a Limited Liability Company, pursuant to article 11 of the Law on Companies ("Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia" No. 36/2011 and 99/2011), in conjunction with the Law on Regional Development, article 34.

In order to successfully perform the registered activity, the Agency for Regional Development of AP Vojvodina performs tasks related to:

1. Planning of balanced regional and economic development of the Province:

  • Preparation of strategic and other documents related to the balanced regional development of the Province;
  • Defining project proposals for participation in public calls of the European Union (EU) funds;
  • Participating in the creation of program documents for cross-border cooperation programs (CBC programs) of Serbia and Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Evaluation of the impact of EU funds and foreign direct investment (FDI) on the economy of the Province;
  • Analysis of the impact of the EU acquis (acquis communautaire) on the economy of the Province;
  • Donor coordination with the aim to avoid "donor-driven" development.

2. Developing absorption capacities of the provincial administration and local self-governments in the Province, with the aim of securing efficient use of domestic and foreign funds:

  • Preparation of project applications for all foreign and domestic funds designed for economic and balanced regional development of the Province;
  • Implementation of approved projects;
  • External management;
  • Education and capacity building of local self-governments and businesses in the Province in the area of project cycle management;
  • Training for SMEs to participate in the tenders within the projects financed by the EU funds.

 3. Collecting and processing statistical data of interest for the Province:

  • Keeping track of all measures and incentives that are designed for balanced regional and economic development of the Province;
  • Keeping track of all projects approved in the Province on the basis of EU funds;
  • Keeping track of business entities in the Province participating in projects on the basis of EU funds.

Agency for Regional Development of AP Vojvodina consists of 3 sectors:

Sector for Macroeconomic Research deals with macroeconomic studies that aim to contribute to a better understanding of the economic and social environment and to serve as an empirical basis for defining measures of development policies. In this regard, the Sector for Macroeconomic Research conducts research in the field of socio-economic development, observes and analyzes statistical time series at the level of the Republic of Serbia and AP Vojvodina and the results are compared with countries in the immediate and wider environment, creates databases of all important macroeconomic indicators of the Province, drafts sectoral and regional analyses, performs evaluations of the effects of development aid on the overall economic development of AP Vojvodina and makes strategic development plans for municipalities in AP Vojvodina.
Sector for Project Management deals with applications and implementation of projects in the framework of international calls for proposals, especially pre-accession EU funds. In addition to this, the Sector for Project Management deals with external management, organizes training for local self-governments and enterprises in order to increase their absorption capacity. The Republic of Serbia faces new challenges in the preparation and implementation of projects by the creation of new programs and opportunities within the programming period 2014-2020, and obtaining the candidate status for EU membership.
Sector for Statistics deals with the organization of the information support system, maintenance and management of databases on companies in AP Vojvodina, on all projects implemented through EU funds in the Province and other relevant information in the context of regional development of the Province including conducting research, processing of available information from other sources and management of time series.
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