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Macroeconomic research


Within the Sector for Macroeconomic Research the following activities are being performed: empirical research in the field of socio-economic development, drafting of sectoral and regional analyses, creation of databases regarding most relevant macroeconomic indicators and assessment of effects that the development assistance has on the economic development of the AP Vojvodina.

Regional development is definitely one of the most important task of a regional government and, in that sense, there is a need for providing policy recommendations in the field of regional and economic development. As a result of its activities within the Macroeconomic Sector, ARD offers possibilities for enhancing the capacities for planning, both on local and regional level, in order to make state administration more efficient in identifying its development needs and in use of both foreign and domestic financial resources for financing such needs. Thereby, ARD contributes to the realization of principles of subsidiarity and to the strengthening of regional and local economic development, as well as to improvement of vertical partnerships and coordination between all levels of power - local, regional and national.  

By providing quality information, ARD assists public and private sector in passing scientifically based decisions. This way, the principle of horizontal partnership is being accomplished between public administration, university and economic entities. Cooperation with local self-governments and other partners is achieved through drafting strategic development plans, studies and analyses, operational programmes and investment strategies, as well as through many educational courses, conferences, round tables.

Main activities of the sector in regard to its research activities are creation of the Economic Forecast for Serbia using the Macromodel for Serbia and implementation of the Business Barometer of Vojvodina Economy.